Forensic Accountant New York City

Forensic Accountant New York City

Do you need a Forensic Accountant in New York City.  Cipolla and Co have a New York City office located at 1301 6th Avenue, 35th Floor New York, NY 10019. Phone 212-495-0400


Forensic Accounting New York City



We can handle all of your forensic accounting needs.  We are frequently a court-appointed neutral, acting, in effect, as a consultant to the court, which sometimes leads to an expert report and related testimony when the non-neutral financial forensic experts are far apart in terms of their opinions and conclusions.  We perform this forensic accounting function in business divorce, matrimonial, commercial litigation, fraud investigations (including white-collar and tax investigations) and personal injury claims, as well as in Bankruptcy Court and insolvency proceedings.  With respect to matrimonial litigation, we frequently value businesses and perform income and lifestyle analysis, including a savings component, to help determine alimony (including changed circumstances) and Pendente Lite support.  We also frequently conduct net worth analysis and asset tracing to determine exempt or immune assets for purposes of equitable distribution.